AARG 2019

In 2019 the Aerial Archaeology Research Group  Annual Conference will take place in Constanța (Romania) between September 12th-14th.

The event will be hosted by the Museum of National History and Archaeology Constanța.
Please also visit the website of the museum on informations about AARG2019!

A Welcome Reception will take place on the 11th September, from 5.30 pm, hosted by the Museum of National History and Archaeology Constanța. It is free for all AARG Delegates.

The Conference will take place in the Museum of National History and Archaeology Constanța. Registration and conference badge pickup will be available on the 11th of September, from 18:00 to 20:00 and on the 12th of September, from 08:30. The Poster Session will be on the ground floor right to the entrance. We bid all Poster holders, to bring their Posters (of size A1, portrait) to 08:30 on the first day.

The Sessions are scheduled on September 12th and 13th. For the CfP see the Call of Papers tab!
The Local Session will be followed by  three Themed Sessions and subsequently a Discussion Session. The Poster Session will take place on the first day, with further discussion possibility on the second day.

The Conference Dinner will tale place on Friday, the 13th of September, in a traditional Romanian inn, in Eforie Sud, 21 km South of Constanța. You can point out any dietary needs in the registration from (go to the  Register! tab)!

The AARG Field Trip is scheduled to Saturday, the 14th of September, to the ancient ruins of Tropaeum Traiani/Adamclisi, from 08:30 to approximately 15:00.  Alternatively a half-day historical tour in Constanța can be chosen. The choice can be made at the Register! tab as well.

Organizing Committees

Local Organizing Committee

Carmen MIU (BEM)
National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration

Sorin Marcel COLESNIUC
Manager of the Museum of National History and Archaeology

Valentina VOINEA
Museum of National History and Archaeology

Constantin BĂJENARU
Museum of National History and Archaeology 

Gabriel Talmațchi
Museum of National History and Archaeology

Museum of National History and Archaeology


Museum of National History and Archaeology

National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration

Museum of National History and Archaeology

Cătălin NOPCEA
Museum of National History and Archaeology

Andreea ANDREI
Museum of National History and Archaeology

Ada-Adina MARCU
Museum of National History and Archaeology


AARG Committee

Chairman: Steve Davis (University College Dublin)
Vice-Chair: Rachel Opitz (University of Glasgow)
Honorary Secretary: Lenka Starkova (University of West Bohemia, Pilsen)
Meeting Secretary: Dr. Carmen Bem (National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration, Bucharest)
Treasurer: Moira Greig (Archaeologist at Mason’s Mark Project)
Editor, AARGnews: Rog Palmer (Air Photo Services)

Call for Papers (expired)

I. Local session: Aerial Archaeology in Romania and the Black Sea region

This session features papers on aerial archaeology in Romania and especially in the area of the Black Sea. Contributions are welcome on recent research and historical applications of aerial archaeology, including case studies and more theoretical contributions.

II. Aerial Archaeology in the commercial sector

Increasingly, aerial archaeology is (or perhaps should be?) an indispensable part of the planning process, and aerial methods are integral to infrastructural development worldwide. This session invites papers on any aspect of such collaborations, from successful collaborations and innovative approaches to abject failures and cautionary tales.

III. Aerial archaeology and the public

The last decade has seen the rapid democratisation of aerial archaeology, from Google Earth and Bing, to digitisation of historic collections and the development of ever cheaper and more effective drone technology. These developments have seen the ever-increasing involvement of the public with airborne and spaceborne archaeological prospection. This session invites contributions that explore the intersection between aerial archaeology and public archaeology, including case studies and critical reflections on such interactions, both successful and less successful.

IV. Revisiting the gaps: Empty spaces in the theory and practice of aerial archaeology

In 2013 the University of Siena held an international seminar on ‘Emptiness, Visibility, Ambiguity and Absence in Archaeology’ – Mind the Gap. This thought-provoking meeting focused on ideas of emptiness in archaeological landscapes and asked: how do we begin to address apparent gaps in various landscapes? Do these gaps reflect real patterns of past activity, or are they methodological artefacts? How do we understand the character of the patterns of archaeological evidence derived from aerial survey? Has progress been made in addressing these gaps in theory and practice? Contributions are invited on methodological or theoretical aspects of understanding patterns of (relative) emptiness, on the character of patterns and distributions of archaeological materials in the landscape, or on methodological voids within the field of aerial archaeology.

V. Aerial Archaeology: The Next Generation

In this plenary session we will hear from diverse voices from the next generation of aerial archaeologists: What does the future of aerial archaeology look like? What are the key developments in method, theory and application likely to be within the next decade? What training and skills will be needed to succeed? Will aerial archaeology remain an independent specialism, or become part of the general archaeological toolkit? Are opportunities and challenges shared across the community or regionally varied? What are the most exciting emerging research areas? What does the community need to prioritise to attract the next generation of researchers and professionals?

Submit an Abstact!

Please direct all conference paper and poster offers (max 800 characters) to: AARGChair, Stephen Davis, UCD School of Archaeology, Dublin, by using this form!

Thank you very much for Your submissions! We are working on the Conference Schedule!

AARG Student/Young Researcher Scholarship

AARG has a limited number of student scholarships for attendance at its annual conference. These are aimed at supporting bona fide students who are interested in aerial archaeology and who wish to attend.

There is no application form. Anyone wishing to apply should adress their application to the AARG’s Chairman (Stephen Davis) headed: “Student/Young Researcher Scholarship” with information about their interests in archaeology and aerial archaeology, as well as their place of study, contact details of a supervisor or employer (email) who can provide reference and why you would benefit from attending the conference and an estimate of travel costs to attend.

The closing date for the applications has been extended to the 9th of June, 2019. 

All applicants  should be willing to provide a poster, or for exceptional work provide an abstract for a paper under one of the conference session themes listed above.

All students awarded a Scholarship will be expected to provide a short summary of their work for AARG News immediately following the conference.

In addition, there will be a competition for the best student/young researcher poster or paper, judged by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman. The prize will be a free 2020 conference package (registration fee, dinner and field trip).

Preliminary Programme

Posters are asked to be of of size A1, portrait!

Dates and Rates

The early bird registration rate applies until 12th  July 2019.

Regular registration will be available from July 13th to August 16th 2019 ONLY (cut-off date).

PLEASE NOTE: registration will NOT BE POSSIBLE after the cut-off date.
Enquiries about the registration can be addressed to AARG Chair.

The ‘Member’ rate applies only to delegates registered as paid AARG members for the calendar year 2019. To become a member please visit the Membership tab on the AARG Homepage! If you are unsure as to whether you are registered as a member you can contact the AARG secretary.

A Special Rate is available for students, holding a Student Identification card from their University, valid on the date of booking, which should be emailed to the AARG secretary.

The Registration Fees for AARG 2019 are the following:

 Early BirdRegular
Member€ 70 € 80
Special Rate/Student Member€ 40€ 50
Non-Member€ 90€ 100

 Cost/ p.p.
Dinner€ 35
Excursion (to Adamclisi)€ 35
Half-Day Historical Tour in Constanta€ 10

Regular Registration

How to register as a Delegate for the conference?

Fill out the Registration form and pay the registration through the paypal checkout. The Early Bird Registration Form serves only organizational purposes, the payment is done through the PayPal payment!

If your +1 is joining you only for the social activities and not for the conference itself, you can add a successive social activity by clicking the ADD TO CART button again or increase the number of “items” in the cart. Multiple dietary information and conference dinner estimation choices are accepted in the form.

Regular Registration Form

Regular Paypal Payment

NOTE: The official registration & payment deadline has expired.

If you are still interested to come to Constanta, please contact the AARG Treasurer with the following information:

  • Your name and email
  • how many people you are registering
  • do you have special dietary requirements, like vegetarian, glutein free, vegan?Or any other?
  • are you a member/non member, student?
  • Would you like to participate at the field trip to Adamclisi (35 €) or at the half-day Constanta tour (10 €) on Saturday?
  • Would you like to join us at the Conference dinner Friday evening? (35 €)

    You can discuss with our Treasurer the way of payment.

Travel Information and Guide

NOTE: We will be updating the travel information !

If You have any questions or requests about arriving to Constanța, drop an email to Carmen!

You can travel by different means to Constanța:

To Constanța Mihail Kogălniceanu Airport (CND) is 26 km/16 miles NNW of Constanța

⇒ the link for the Bus schedule to Constanța center will arrive soon


To Bucharest Otopeni-Henri Coandă Airport (OTP), North of the city
From the Airport you can go by train to Constanța, passing by the Gara de Nord (Nord Station) of Bucharest
⇒ You can take the Henri Coandă Express Train to and from Gara de Nord.
     NOTE: for buying any train ticket you have to register on the website!
There is a nice online guide on where and how to buy train tickets.
⇒ You can also take the Express Bus 780 to Gara de Nord and return, which departs every 20
     minutes and costs 8.6 Lei
You have to buy the ticket in advance @ the ticket office, @ the entrance of the train station. The bus takes 30 to 45 minutes to and from the Airport,  depending on the traffic and the time of the day. 

It is also possible to use Uber or Taxify in Bucharest, though the apps. A short ride cost around 10 Lei (~2 EUR) and a ride to the airport would cost around 25-35 Lei (5,2 – 7,3 depending on the number of customers – information from febrary 2019).

From Gara de Nord, Bucharest to Constanța Train Station

Departures are @ 3:15, 5:40, 6:20, 7:30, 8:05, 9:00, 11:00, 14:00, 15:15, 16:00, 17:00 and 20:15
The trip takes about 2 h 30 minutes. There are no trains during night time.

The Homepage of the Romanian Railways can be set to English, which has to be repeated if the next page you are arriving to is in Romanian. The webpage even calls attention to buy 2 separate tickets instead of a return ticket if that way you pay less. You have to book your seat online.
NOTE: for buying any train ticket you have to register on the website!

ALT Transport Personale

Bucharest Otopeni-Henri Coandă Airport (OTP) ⇔ Constanța

They offer Economy Airport Transfer (one way ticket 80 lei/ ~ 17 Euro / pp; see the schedule here you might have to scroll down), Private Airport Transfer in 8-seat cars and minivans with drivers and even VIP Airport Transfer

You can book online (EAT or PAT ) of call them (there are 3 numbers on top of the main hompage – the booking is though only for EAT)!

DIRECT Aerport transfer

Only some of the page is in english – the booking itself not, so it has to be done intuitively. You can pay by VISA or cash in Euro to the driver.
Scheulde Bucharest Otopeni-Henri Coandă Airport (OTP) ⇔ Constanța (80+10 Lei/20 Euros, payed during the journey)

Schedule Constanța Mihail Kogălniceanu Airport (CND) ⇔ Constanța (lists only the prices)

The Committe  tested this company. You can be picked up at your hotel or apartman, for + 10 Lei. A coach comes approximately 15-30 minutes earlier to take you to the original departure place, where you change to your proper coach.  It can happen that the coach is very full (with passengers and luggage). The coach taken in the morning, at 07:30 arrived 1,5 hours earlier to CDN, due to good traffic.

In any case, the best is to book the transfer means after booking the flight. Below you can see a map with the positions of the different Airports, Bus and Train stations and the Venues of the Conference!

You can come also by car. There is the E81 Highway connection between Bucharest and Constanța, which took us 3,5 hours due to slightly heavy traffic occurrence on a Thursday afternoon.

If you need in any assistance with your arrival to Constanța (for example arriving very late at the airport or train station in Constanța or Bucharest), please let us know your travel details and we will arrange means of transportation for you!

There is the possibility of organizing group transfer if we know your travel schedule early enough!